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About Us has become the premier magnetic bracelet, copper bracelet and magnetic jewelry online catalog as a result of our commitment to one simple tenet - customer service.

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August 2006

In ancient times, after the discovery of the magnetic properties of certain materials, sailors used to use stones like magnetite to navigate in the same way that we use compasses.  And like us, early explorers originally assumed that the direction that their compasses would point--the direction of magnetic north--would always be the same.   Their unexpected destinations would occasionally challenge that assumption.   By the 17th century, some observers had begun to record changes in the direction of the Earth's magnetic field, changes which Alexander von Humboldt later called magnetic storms because the changes sometimes occurred during lightening storms.  If strong enough, these geomagnetic storms--strong disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field--can even disrupt electronic communication and cause blackouts.  The Earth's magnetic field is not constant!

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Scientists have identified the most powerful magnetic object known in the Universe, the result of the first direct measurement of a magnetic field around a peculiar neutron star first observed nearly 25 years ago

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by David P. Stern

Commemorating the 400th anniversary of  "De Magnete"


    In 1600, four hundred years ago William Gilbert, later physician to Queen Elizabeth I of England, published his great study of magnetism, "De Magnete"--"On the Magnet". It gave the first rational explanation to the mysterious ability of the compass needle to point north-south: the Earth itself was magnetic. "De Magnete" opened the era of modern physics and astronomy and started a century marked by the great achievements of Galileo, Kepler, Newton and others.

    If you lived in London in 1600, you could have purchased "De Magnete" for seven shillings and sixpence. To read it, of course, you would have to know Latin, the language of science in 1600. You might have had the rare privilege of attending first runs of Shakespeare's plays in the "Globe" theatre--sitting in the balcony if you could afford it, standing in front of the stage if not. However, you might have had to weigh this pleasure against the peril of bubonic plague, which usually spread in the city during summer months.


This web site tells the story of Gilbert and his book--with glimpses of London in 1600, and with studies of magnetism before Gilbert. It then recounts the later history of the Earth's magnetism, including...
  • The remarkable discoveries of Halley, Coulomb, Oersted, Ampere and Gauss.
  • The unexpected connection between sunspot activity and the Earth's magnetism.
  • The deep-seated "'dynamo" believed to be responsible for the field.
  • The strange reversals of the Earth's magnetic polarity.
  • The role of magnetism in discovering the "drift" of continents.
  • The extension of magnetism to space around Earth, even to other planets.
One could hardly find a more striking story of grand adventure in science! For more in depth reading please follow this link
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Coming soon a new and innovative design for our magnetic bracelet enthusiasts.


bracelet-stainless-steel The eagle has landed; Wanna take a closer Look?? Here you go...

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Aug 14

About Us has become the premier magnetic bracelet, copper bracelet and magnetic jewelry online catalog as a result of our commitment to one simple tenet – customer service. Our driving passion and goal is to continue to bring our existing customers and new shoppers an ever increasing line of innovative magnetic products at affordable factory direct pricing. We could never have imagined so many world renowned celebrities and sports figures would embrace our products but in fact that is exactly what has happened. We are equally humbled when Ms. Smith in Arkansas and Mr. Sorenson in Wisconsin and world famous golfer Mr. Arnold Palmer chose to wear our product line.

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