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February 2007 introduces a new addition to its very popular magnetic hematite jewelry line. Varying currents of crystal blue, red, pink and green make the "Ocean" a must have.....


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With the introduction of our new Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelet "The Edison" we have to add a bit of little known local knowledge about the "Man" follows


Unsmiling Thomas Edison

Did you know that Thomas Edison didn’t want his phonograph sold for amusement purposes? He said, “It’s not a toy. It is for business purposes only.”

Isn’t it amazing how much “amusement” and joy his phonograph brought to people when it was meant to be used for “business” purposes only? (The left-side of his brain was definitely sneaking in there, wouldn’t you say?)

And . . .

Alexander Graham Bell insisted that “Hoy! Hoy!” was the only “proper” way to answer a telephone. It was Edison who popularized “hello” instead.

Thank goodness! Hoy Hoy would be a little MUCH, even for someone like me. Think of what fun you could have with a fact like that.

Did you know that Richard Reynolds invented metal foil wrap–but not for food. He invented it at the request of his uncle, cigarette czar R.J. Reynolds, to keep tobacco fresh.

Here’s another “did you know” –

In September of 1988, George Eastman patented his roll film camera and registered the name Kodak. He coined the name because he wanted a distinctive name and because he really liked the letter K.

See our version of "The Edison" Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelet by clicking here....

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tungsten carbide bracelet tungsten carbide jewelry tungsten carbide magnetic bracelet edison tungsten carbide bracelet

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Introducing our first in a series of Very Powerful Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelets, Please take a look at the "Edison™". If you are the kind of person who has to have the newest thing and it has to be the BEST - Here it is!

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Faster than a speeding bullet, More powerful than a locomotive, Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Look - up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperTungstenCarbideJewelry!!

Yes - This "Space Age" material is coming very soon to

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Here is a question we bet you never thought someone would ask you?

Do you know the two metals that are not silver colored or grey colored? When you think about it aren't all metals silver or a darker grey color?

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The discovery of magnets was very important as they are used to make electric motors and generators. Things that would disappear if we had no electricity are telephones, lights, electric heat, computers, televisions.

Some uses of electromagnets: Maglev trains, car crushers, scrap metal sorters, telephones, computers, doorbells, tape recorders etc. Maglev trains operate without wheels as they 'float' above the track due to magnetic repulsion between electromagnets in the track and underside of the train. Maglev trains can travel very fast, up to 480 km/h (300 mph).

Posted by Jay Roberts at 04:39 AM | Permalink

For centuries travellers used compasses for navigation without understanding how they worked. For many years it was assumed that the magnetic and geographic poles were the same, a misconception that led to the early discovery of North America by Christopher Columbus in 1492. At the magnetic poles the field lines point straight up and down and so a compass there is useless.

Like all forms of magnetism the Earth's magnetic field is produced by electric currents. One theory accounting for the production of these currents is that deep in the Earth's core, hot molten magma rises, cools and sinks. Then, the whole process repeats itself. It is thought that within these rising and falling masses of magma the rotation of the Earth creates organized patterns of circular electrical currents, called eddies. The interior of the planet in fact acts like a giant dynamo.

Geophysicists have found that some of the Earth's magnetic field reversals occurred within a few 10,000 years of each other, and others, tens of millions of years apart. Lately the field has been reversing on the average, every 200,000 years, although it hasn't happened in the last 800,000 years. It is not known whether this reversal occurs gradually, or whether there is a period of time when there is no magnetic field at all. This latter possibility could have devastating effects for life on Earth, as it is the magnetic field which protects the Earth from deadly solar radiation. In fact, there appears to be good correlation between magnetic field reversals in the past and extinction of certain species. It is not known why these reversals occur, but it is as if the 'dynamo' in the Earth's core is turned off and turned on again in the opposite direction.

The Earth's magnetic field is also involved in the production of beautiful lights over the north pole called the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.

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Hundreds of years ago Chinese sailors used pieces of magnetite, made into needles, to help them find their way if they were lost. A piece of magnetite, or a bar magnet, when freely suspended, generally comes to rest pointing in a north-south direction (a compass needle is a magnet). The Earth is like a giant magnet and behaves as if there is a huge bar magnet in the centre.

Posted by Jay Roberts at 04:36 AM | Permalink

The north and south ends of the Earth are called the north and south poles. Because of the Earth's iron-nickel core, the Earth behaves like a magnet. The Earth's magnetic poles are near the geographic poles.

A compass needle is also a magnet, with north and south poles. One pole of the needle is north-seeking and is marked "N", that is, it always points to the Earth's magnetic north pole. Similarly, the other pole of the compass needle, marked "S", is south-seeking and always points to the Earth's south magnetic pole.

The Earth itself acts as a magnet with two poles and an enormous magnetic field. At some places on the Earth's surface, its magnetic force is greater than at others. Moreover, the magnetic strength changes with the passage of the Moon around the Earth. The magnetic poles also shift their positions slightly from year to year. The Magnetic North Pole and the Geographic North Pole do not coincide.

Posted by Jay Roberts at 04:35 AM | Permalink

     So - Here we are today asking questions about magnets, still trying to understand them and our relationship if any to them....The more you know the more you realize we do not know....Magnetism - lets read......

The ancient Greeks, originally those near the city of Magnesia, and also the early Chinese knew about strange and rare stones (possibly chunks of iron ore struck by lightning) with the power to attract iron. A steel needle stroked with such a "lodestone" became "magnetic" as well, and around 1000 the Chinese found that such a needle, when freely suspended, pointed north-south.

    The magnetic compass soon spread to Europe. Columbus used it when he crossed the Atlantic ocean, noting not only that the needle deviated slightly from exact north (as indicated by the stars) but also that the deviation changed during the voyage. Around 1600 William Gilbert, physician to Queen Elizabeth I of England, proposed an explanation: the Earth itself was a giant magnet, with its magnetic poles some distance away from its geographic ones (i.e. near the points defining the axis around which the Earth turns). ............

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In a research first that could lead to a new generation of hard drives capable of storing thousands of movies per square inch, physicists at Rice University have decoded the three-dimensional structure of a tornado-like magnetic vortex no larger than a red blood cell.


"Understanding the nuances and functions of magnetic vortices is likely going to be a key in creating next-generation magnetic storage devices," said lead researcher Carl Rau, professor of physics and astronomy. "It's widely believed this technology will support storage densities in the range of terabits per square inch, and our group is equally excited about the potential for magnetic processors and for high-speed magnetic RAM."

The findings are available online and due to appear in an upcoming issue of Physical Review Letters.

Rau and postdoctoral researcher Jian Li used a one-of-a-kind scanning ion microscope to first create and then measure ultra-thin circular disks of soft magnetic cobalt.
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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 2, 2005

I was thirteen years old when the six in our family visited the Oregon Vortex in July of 1964. Traveling south along Interstate 5 from Vancouver BC we saw large billboards inviting people to visit the "World Famous Oregon Vortex". I remember seeing a story on the vortex on a TV program like "Ripley's Believe It Or Not." I persisted asking dad and mom to stop at Gold Hill Oregon and see the "World Famous" tourist stop.

We pulled into a gravel parking lot and saw a schedule of times for guided tours. In luck there was a tour just starting. There were only a handful of cars in the lot and the tour was included two dozen people. The guide was a man in his forties wearing a beat up Stetson hat. He looked like a gold panner.

We walked through the gate and on an elevated boardwalk on the side of a narrow valley. The trees were mainly second growth fir. It appeared that the area had been stripped of trees a couple of generations earlier. We walked towards a strange looking unpainted rustic cabin. Nothing appeared square on the structure. The guide said something about the builder being a bit strange. The trees around the cabin were misshaped, twisted and spooky. Of course this all could have been tourist trap "theater" as it is easy to make young trees grow in unnatural ways.

Inside the cabin were maps of the magnetic vortex. One looked like a map used by pilots. The guide said the vortex was about one hundred yards in diameter with its vertex hundreds of feet under the side of the hill and extended thousands of feet up. He said there was a theory about a magnetic meteorite of many tons far underground. The vortex was shaped like a tornado with distinct "walls". Inside the vortex the magnetic deviation was strong and outside the vortex the magnetic phenomena soon abated. Even at thirteen I knew that there was a high degree of strangeness here.

There were magnetic compasses spread out through the area. Even compasses a few feet apart were showing "north" as different directions. The guide said the magnetic forces spiralled inside the vortex. He led us to the center of the vortex where a wooden platform had been built. There were a number of different objects on the platform showing the many experiments which had happened over the years. The most remarkable phenomena was where the guide took an ordinary broom and stood it unsupported on its bristles. He said that the broom had lost its ability to "stand" for months after the 9.1 Richter Good Friday Alaska Earthquake. He added there are unusual gravitational effects generated by the rotating magnetic field.

Near the platform was a horizontal wooden plank about twenty feet long laying across the boardwalk. The guide asked my sister and I to stand back to back and show that we were the same height. Then he instructed us to walk the opposite ends of the plank and stand facing each other. He asked the people in the tour, "Who looks taller?" Then he asked my sister and I to change ends. Again he asked, "Who looks taller?" Then he placed us back to back again to show that we were the same height. When I was near the center of the vortex, I looked shorter, and when my sister was near the center she looked shorter. The guide said that California physicists had set up the plank and tested this phenomena and said that there was either magnetic bending of light or actual compression of matter towards the center of the vortex. The guide added something about Einstein's theories and the curvature of space. (Years later I saw that those theories do not apply to this phenomena.)

The guide said that water dowsers had done some work in the vortex. Using L-rods they had marked out the extent, strength and direction of the vortex. There were ribbons tied to bushes showing the vortex wall.

The builder of the cabin no longer lived on the property. He found the land too spooky. Orbs of light were often seen. The native tribes shunned the area. The guide said other vortices throughout the Cascades associated with the volcanoes from Shasta to Baker. The nearest volcano to Gold Hill was Crater Lake. He added the USGS, FAA and Air Force had done a lot of work with sensitive magnetometers had plotted out all the Cascade vortices after WWII. Due to government and scientific interest in vortices and in the Oregon Vortex in particular the land may be fenced and shut down as a tourist site. The guide was sad when he said this.

At the end of the tour the guide looked at his watch and asked us, "How long was the tour?" We all felt that it had been short, too short. He said the tour had been over thirty minutes. He finished by saying that time is altered in the vortex and that clocks do not keep good time in the cabin.

As we walked back to back to our blue 62 Mercury Meteor I could see a bemused smile on my father's face. It was as if he had seen through the gimmickry and doubted that there was anything strange about the "tourist trap". After all magnetic fields are not shaped like spinning cones. They are toroidal ! To me the high order of strangeness left an indelible mark on my memory. Forty one years later I am living inside another spinning magnetic vortex, but this one is eight miles in diameter not the one hundred yards of the Oregon Vortex.

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Ley / Li / Lei : 'The supposed straight line of a prehistoric track usually between hilltops.'

(Definition from the Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Through my work as a Tour Guide to the Ancient Sites here in Cornwall, I am often asked for an explanation of Ley Lines.

A Ley Line seems to be some form of change in the earth's magnetic field. It is still, with all our technology, difficult to define the power than constitutes a Ley Line.

Whatever a Ley Line consists of, I think that birds, fish and animals use them as direction finders. I think the human race used them in a similar way in early evolution.

In a New Scientist article (19.3.1987 pp 40-43), T. Williamson points out that species as diverse as pigeons, whales, honeybees and bacteria can navigate using the earth's magnetic field. The physiological feature which enables them to do this is a tissue with a substance called magnetite in it. Magnetite enables them to sense magnetic changes and has been found in human tissue associated with the Ethmoid bone in front of the vertebrate skull.

Today Ley Lines can often be detected by 'Dowsing' either with metal rods (bent into an L shape) or with a pendulum.

I think that previous to the building of the Stone Circles (2600 to 2800 BC) man navigated by use of the Ley Lines. Traders or settlers from a more sophisticated society arrived here in Cornwall and having already lost the ability to 'feel' the Ley Lines, standing stones were set on Ley alignments. From one stone you would always be able to see the next and these stone rows led to a point where the Ley Lines crossed. Here they built a Stone Circle where they met to trade.

I believe that Stone Circles were meeting places, markets and later, places of worship. Wherever people meet is the place to preach, whether it is Paganism, Druidism or Christianity.

The origin of the word 'trivial' may throw some further light on the Stone Circles, deriving from the Roman 'Tri-via', meaning where three roads meet. At a main crossroads the Romans posted the important news. Where only three roads met they posted the local or 'Trivial' news. At these crossroads was a 'Circus' which did not mean clowns or animals, but simply a circle. The most famous circle in Britain is Picadilly Circus in London.

But of course this is just my theory, everybody had their own. But perhaps it is an idea to visit such a sight and try 'dowsing' for yourselves.

Posted by Jay Roberts at 03:47 AM | Permalink

by Mary-Sue Haliburton
Pure Energy Systems News

Seeing the powerful earthquakes such as the December 26th, 2004 event that triggered the tsunami disaster, people are looking for possible causes for the apparent instability of earth's crust. "End-times" alarmists and backyard researchers believe that the predicted imminent reversal of the earth's magnetic field may be a significant clue to these eschatological-scale events.

Scientists have been observing changes in the direction of earth's magnetic field which took place recently as well as in the distant past. NASA’s website features a map showing the gradual northward migration of the north magnetic pole in the past century and a half. Since more than double the time interval has elapsed since the last reversal, compared to the time lapse between the previous two pole reversals, some believe we may be overdue for the next north-south flip. (1,2) However, though the interval between reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field can be as short as 5,000 years, it can also be as long as 50 million years. There does not seem to be any logic or rule governing the planet’s behavior.

It is not only the direction but also the strength of this magnetic field that is a concern. In the time of dinosaurs, at an estimated 2.5 gauss, it was eighty percent stronger than it is now. This may have been one of the reasons such gigantic life forms thrived. It is now accepted that a catastrophic event ended the reign of giant reptiles. However, they did not re-evolve to equivalent dimensions. And the disappearance of mammalian “mega-fauna” in more recent times is still considered to be a mystery. The mastodons and mammoths would have towered over modern elephants. Why are there so few large terrestrial animals today?

The smaller average size of modern animals may be due to the gradual decline of Earth's "steady state" (as opposed to “pulsed”) magnetism. Thousands of years ago the Chinese, with their astute discovery of bio-electrical energy flows known as “meridians”, learned that magnetism promotes vigor in biological life. They used magnetic rocks in medical treatment. In the past century there has been a further decline of earth's magnetic field by another five percent down to only 0.5 gauss. This has led Dr. Dean Bonlie to identify a "magnetic deficiency syndrome" resulting from the biological stress caused by the weakening of this "energy base" for life. (3)

The weakening of earth’s magnetism is one of the factors believed to be predictive of a pole reversal. That magnetic field reversals have occurred in the past is confirmed in the geological record. What is unclear is how precisely the transition occurs, and what happens to life forms extant at the time of this pole flip.

Does the magnetic field drop to zero gauss? Dire predictions follow upon the heels of this theory. Electronic devices would all be at risk: there may be damage to, or complete loss of, all near-earth-orbiting satellites and possibly the space station itself. Effects on life forms could range from migrating birds losing their sense of direction to immune system decline and even widespread die-off from radiation-induced cancers.

Losing its protective magnetic envelope, the atmosphere would expand and become thinner, possibly leading to altitude sickness near sea level. No longer filtered out, deadly cosmic rays would kill most if, not all, living creatures on the surface. Only those living in deep caves would be safe. This scenario has prompted some to build underground bunkers in hopes of surviving.

Countering this frightening vision, NASA predicts that, rather than declining to zero gauss, the magnetic field would become disordered. Thus we might for short time have more than one north and south pole on the planet. This official scientific stance says that the magnetosphere which shields us from cosmic radiation would not entirely disappear either. Thus, while communications would be erratic and perhaps at times completely inactivated, humans would find ways to survive. However, there are dissenters in the ranks, pointing to the vast South Atlantic magnetic anomaly and radiation damage to satellites over that region attributed to weakening of the protective magnetosphere. (4)

The disorderly-flip theory is supported by evidence from geology that in past reversals the decline was not total. Lava flows that solidified at Steen's Mountain during a lengthy reversal process show that the magnetic poles wandered across the equator three times. Though strength of the field was reduced to about 20% of maximum, there is no record that it fell to zero gauss during that transitional period. (5)

The theory that activity in the turbulent molten outer iron core of the planet generates its magnetic field currently dominates scientific thinking. Stormy activity deep in the earth's outer core, believed to be filled with roiling convection flows of molten iron, is understood to generate the planet’s magnetic field. Such violent seething could affect the mantle as well, possibly disturbing the earth's crust and causing the quakes.

However, there is an alternate theory of how the magnetic field is generated. In his article, "Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field", Ernest McFarlane outlines gaps in the molten-iron convection theory. He proposes a system of electronic cells in a crystalline metal core with hot spots of heavy metals releasing alpha and beta particles. Due to the high heat the alpha particles are unable to combine with the free electrons. "Consequently an electron current flow is produced and conditions are set up for the generation of current loops throughout the inner and outer core. ... magnetic fields are produced as a consequence, in accordance with the right hand rule of electromagnetic theory." (5)
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The Earth Grid, Human Levitation and Gravity Anomolies

Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes
by Richard Lefors Clark, Ph.D.

Source: Extracted from: "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid".
Edited by David Hatcher-Childress
Adventures Unlimited Press, Stelle, Illinois, 60919

Knowledge of the Earth Grid or "crystalline Earth" is very ancient and has been utilized by a number of civilizations. The pyramids and ley lines are on the power transfer lines of the natural Earth gravity Grid all over the world. The Earth Grid is comprised of the geometrical flow lines of gravity energy in the structure of the Earth itself.

While the subject of the Earth Grid has by now been covered in a considerable number of publications, one point in the Grid, marked by a long and strange history, at the eastern tip of Lake Ontario, is worth special mention. Most interesting here are two individuals, living one hundred years apart, who were both directly affected by this same Earth Grid point. These men were Daniel Home, the 1 9th century psychic, and Wilbert Smith, the 20th century scientist.

Daniel Home is the world famous levitator of the 1 9th century who lived in this Lake Ontario Grid point area. The period from 1820 to 1850 was apparently very active for this Grid point as many of the crowned heads of Europe and many noted scientists and world dignitaries visited Home and verified his feats of levitation. It is speculated that the Lake Ontario region may have acted as a biolectric triggering device conducive to Home's psychic development.

Meanwhile in the 50th century, because of numerous aircraft crashes in the Lake Ontario Earth Grid area (known as the Marysburgh Vortex, and regarded as "the Other Bermuda Triangle" and "the gateway to oblivion on the eastern end of Lake Ontario"), the Canadian National Research Council and U.S. Navy began Project Magnet in 1950 to investigate the area's magnetic anomalies and possible magnetic utility. This has been the only known official governmental research program into the Earth Grid system. A considerable number of planes and ships had mysteriously vanished from this region, while many UFO sightings were reported, and other bizarre and unearthly phenomena were noted. (For more information, refer to Hugh Cochrane's Gateway to Oblivion, Avon Books, NY)

Wilbert Smith, a Canadian communications engineer in the Department of Transportation, was director of the team of scientists involved in this project. Project Magnet was later officially terminated when the results became too sensitive for the two governments, as the research seemed to touch upon top secret UFO data. Afterwards Wilbert Smith designed several inexpensive gravity devices, such as the Anti-Gravity Proximity Detector, the Magnetic Deflection Detector, and the EMF Collapse Collector.

Smith's speculations are most intriguing He noted large and sometimes mobile gravity anomalies all over the Lake Ontario area. He noted areas of "reduced binding" in the atmosphere above the Lake; the areas were described as "pillar-like columns" a thousand feet across and extending for several thousand feet up into the atmosphere. Moreover, they were invisible and only detectable with sensitive equipment. Peculiarities in gravity and magnetism were noted inside these columns, possibly related to a reduction (or weakening) in the nuclear binding forces holding matter together; the nuclear binding forces seemed stronger in the north and weaker in the south. Some of these mysterious columns appeared to be mobile changing location over time.

Smith theorized that when the weakened nuclear binding forces encountered matter under stress (such as an airplane in flight) the forces holding matter together ceased to exist, exactly along the lines of maximum stress, and the material disintegrated resulting in aircraft disasters. Later theorists suggested that ionization of the air within these columns could generate luminous anomalies, and that increasing energies could make rocks and other dielectrics in the immediate area appear to rise from the ground into the air.

It was also proposed that deep Earth-caused gravity stresses produced the strange atmospheric columns. In a gravity-structured Earth which is part of a gravity universe, that is the mildest form of truthful statement possible. On a planet so determined by gravity, this would be only one of many such gravity-magnetic anomalies present on the Earth Grid. And underlying many of the magnetic peculiarities observed around the Earth is the special principle of diamagnetism, the root of anti-gravity. First we'll see this principle at work in the local context of human-induced levitation.


The principle of diamagnetism which underlies human-induced levitation and anti-gravity vortexes on the planet can be demonstrated simply in what I call the human gravity antenna. Diamagnetism (explained below) is essentially a magnetic-neutral zone existing between a north and south magnetic field, which can be exploited for purposes of levitation. As I will indicate below, there are many such "magnetic flow reversal points" on the Earth marked by Grid points.

An arrangement of five human beings can be used as a quadruple gravity antenna to perform levitation of the central person. The weight of the central person, the levitatee, does not matter nor is the lack of strength or size of the four levitators important. What is important is the form of the quadropolar positions around the central levitatee (See Diagram 1). Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

First, the levitators should be positioned 45 degrees off the magnetic compass direction of north, south, east, and west for maximum effectiveness. Second, alternation of male and female sex of the levitators adds to the gravity antenna s power. Third, the hand stack on the head of the central levitatee by the levitators should not have like-gendered (male/male, female/female) hands touching. Fourth, there's no need to think of anything - just hold the hands stacked on the levitatee's head for a count of ten. On the tenth count remove the stacked hands quickly and place one finger each on the four corners of the chair. The person in charge of counting says lift" and up goes the levitated Now let's examine this phenomenon I like to call "Party Levitation" in more specific and practical detail.

To do Party Levitation you will need five people, one to be levitated - henceforth to be called the levitatee - and four to do the levitating - henceforth to be called the levitators.

The levitatee sits in a chair and the four levitators stand around him so that they form a square. One levitator should stand to the levitatee's left, and just behind his shoulder. Another levitator should stand in front of him and to his left, close to his left knee. The other two should stand on the right side of the levitatee's body and in similar positions.

Now the object of 'Party Levitation' is to make the levitatee's body so light in weight that the four levitators can lift him several feet into the air using a single finger each. If the experiment is performed properly none of the levitators will feel the slightest resistance to their efforts. It will be as if the levitatee's body has lost its weight entirely.

While the levitatee is sitting, the four levitators surround him in the manner indicated and place their hands, one atop the other, on his head, as if they were healing him by the laying on of hands.

The person who is going to float must sit relaxed in a straight-backed chair with his legs together, his feet on the floor, and his hands in his lap. The other four participants now stand two on each side of the seated party, one at each shoulder and one at the knee. Instruct all four to extend their arms and place their closed fists together, closed except for the forefingers which should be extended and touching each other along their lengths as shown. The person nearest the seated man's left shoulder is now asked to place his two extended fingers, palms downwards, beneath his left armpit. Likewise, his opposite number inserts his forefingers beneath the right armpit, and again the other two respectively beneath the seated man's knees.

Now invite the four assistants to lift the man in this position, using only these extended fingers. However hard they try, it is impossible. As soon as you have registered their inability to do so, ask them to stack their hands alternately, one on top of the other on the man's head, in such a way that no person has his own two hands together, and then to exert a steady pressure downwards. As they keep this up you count to ten. On the count "nine", they must withdraw their hands quickly from his head and resume their earlier positions with their extended forefingers. On the count of "ten" they must try again to lift the man with those fingers alone. This time he will go soaring into the air with no difficulty whatsoever.

Diamagnetism And Levitation Accomplished at Earth Grid Points

Now, kind reader, reconsider Party Levitation and perhaps do the experiment again but this time have no central person (levitatee). Instead use the heaviest chair you can find. Just stack the hands, touching on the top of the massive chair back and lift (levitate) the heavy chair. Next, place hundreds of pounds of "dead" weight (heavy books) on the chair seat and still levitate it easily with four weak children lifting. What is happening here?

You have created a small, short-duration diamagnetic levitation vortex, which is identical in function to the Earth's big, permanent diamagnetic levitation vortexes at such places as Coral Castle, Florida, or Alice Springs, Australia.

Now, reconsider the diagram of the four persons levitating the massive chair. As humans they are the "mighty four'/ of the four cardinal compass points. Each one of the four is an energy lobe around the central object to be levitated. If I call any one of them north, you can call the others, turning counter-clockwise, west, south, and east (See Diagram 2). Try doing the levitation with only three people, positioned off-center to the appropriate 90-degree spacing. We know that both the exact number and pattern of the human levitator element, but not their exact size or physical strength, are critical to the levitation. Also we know that inanimate weight levitates as easily as animate through using a human diamagnetic vortex. We might try a piano or even a Volkswagen in place of the chair.

The remarkable thing about Party Levitation is that it works anywhere on the Earth's surface, whereas the equivalent big, permanent Earth Grid diamagnetic levitation vortexes all have fixed geographic locations (e.g., southern Florida or central Australia).

Whether it's on the surface of the Earth, or within the human sphere of the four levitators, the mechanism for levitation or anti-gravity is identical. In either case there are four energy lobes or directions. The north-south axis elements are usually called magnetic and the east-west axis elements are called diamagnetic.

Levitation is produced by diamagnetism existing on the surface of the Earth. (or near it). Diamagnetism operates at 90 degrees from magnetic, but in three directions, and not flat and two-dimensional on a sheet of paper as usually drawn. If magnetism flows in the plane of the Earth's surface, then diamagnetism flows straight up. And straight up is the direction that we call levitation or anti-gravity.

In the accompanying diagram (See Diagram 3) Coral Castle s location is shown as Earth grid point #18. The west lobe is what pulled Florida down and opened the Keys area up. The east lobe is the Bermuda Triangle. Coral Castle will be referred to throughout this chapter, so a few words here of introduction to this impressive project are necessary. Coral Castle is a marvelous demonstration in stone and coral of many hidden principles of magnetics, designed and built in southern Florida by the "amateur" scientist Ed Leedskalnin in the 1 930s and 1 940s. This coral-based temple/residence includes stone furniture, a Moon pond, a North Star telescope, a precise Sundial, and other features of exact astronomical alignment.

Look at the larger map of the Earth grid (See Diagram 4) and see the diamagnetic (east-west) lobes of Earth grid point #18 in southern Florida. The tip of the Yucatan and the Mexico/Texas coastline clearly show the west diamagnetic lobe shape of Earth grid point #18. The famous Bermuda Triangle is the east diamagnetic energy lobe of Earth grid point #18 (in season).

One thing we will immediately note is that the east-west diamagnetic lobes of #18 look like a horizontal "bow tie". This happens to be another descriptive name for what is now called in the magnetic sciences a Bloch Wall. The Bloch Wall is central to our understanding of diamagnetism, gravity vortexes, and levitation.

A Bloch Wall is a neutral center region at the junction of two magnetic poles (north/south). (See Diagrams 5, 6, 7) it is thereby a "magnetic flow reversal point" and is also known as a "diamagnetic vortex point". The Bloch Wall is the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electronic magnetic energies of the north and south poles. The negative energy pole and north pole magnetism spins to the left; the positive energy pole and south pole magnetism spins to the right. The point of zero magnetism and no-spin, and also the point of magnetic reversal where the two spin fields join, is the Bloch Wall.

We have two antithetical elements (polarities) meeting and generating a third element, the Bloch Wall, which is a weak pressure (gravity) generator. The south pole is the source and the north pole is the sink. The individual pole energy rotations are three component vectors and the conjunction (Bloch Wall) is a tensor. The resulting "Broken 8" figure is a two dimensional concept of a quadropole pattern. We can visualize it as the spin 2, circularly polarized, gravity wave force field source.

Two antithetical force fields, the magnetic and the electric (two vector force fields) meet and generate gravity, a neutral center force field and simple two-vector system (tensor). We can state this slightly differently by saying the conjunction of two dipolar generated force field vectors (magnetic and electric) generates a quadropole force field, or gravity. Gravity, as a quadropole source, radiates in a circular 360 degrees polarization pattern, taking two cycles; thus a "spin 2" characteristic exists for gravity, and therefore gravity waves have twice the spin of electromagnetic waves.

The lack of polarization in the gravity field explains why it cannot be neutralized. As a neutral center force element, gravity cannot have polarities by definition. But it is still just as basic a generated force as the polarized forces of the magnet or the electric fields. The electric field, as well as the magnetic field, has a neutral center effect that is also a gravity wave field source. The two polarized main antithetical force fields (magnetic and electric) are triadic in themselves, as polarization by definition requires, and thus they are both gravity field sources.

In all electromagnets the Bloch Wall is actually external to the unit (See Diagram 8). The Bloch Wall, the neutral center gravity wave source, is now in the gap between the magnet faces. In terms of the electromagnetic spectrum, the point of 10 (to the power of 12) Hertz is marked as gravity, while below this is radar, radio, and standard EM frequencies; above it are infrared and optical energy frequencies. This is Nature's neutral center in the radiant energy spectrum where Her standard design triadic system demanded it be placed. 10 (to the power of 12) Hertz is the frequency of radiated gravity (See Diagram 9).

In terms of the Earth Grid, where the Bloch Wall of gravity wave field source exists, certain physically anomalous events can take place - such as spontaneous levitation.

The Earth s diamagnetic flow field hits a reversal Bloch Wall area (south to north) at these special anomaly points like southern Florida or central Australia. The Equator Line is merely a myth for geographers and fools. The magnetic reversal areas of south to north magnetism flow are near the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer; and these "spaced out" anomalies seem to alternate positions around the globe.

The best calculation I've arrived at indicates that there are within the Earth Grid a total of 20 magnetic reversal points, with 10 nearly on the Tropic of Capricorn and 10 magnetic reversal points nearly on the Tropic of Cancer. The two sets of ten points are offset almost equally from each other going around the globe; the northern set is roughly midway between the southern set (See Diagram10).

The planetary distribution of these magnetic reversal points is indicated on the accompanying map. On the large Earth Grid map the northern magnetic reversal points are near #16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 1, 12, 13, 14, and 15 from left to right near the Tropic of Capricorn. The southern magnetic reversal points are near the Tropic of Cancer near Earth grid #46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45. The grid map has to be shifted leftward in the South to space it more nearly correct. The North is closer to true. The resulting Earth grid map puts #44 between #13 and #14, for example.

This is the real magnetic flow reversal pattern on the Earth such that above #44 is the northern magnetic flow reversal point (Bloch Wall). This has a beautiful bow tie of diamagnetic energy flows that can be clearly seen as the east and west coastlines of Australia. The plate push from below forced the diamagnetic bow tie up some but it is still very usable.

Why haven't we known about the existence of these 20 magnetic-gravity anomaly points on the Earth Grid before? A compass points North-South anywhere, and so, hiding facts and using the myth of the Equator s magnetic polarity was expedient for our cunning "masters" - the "power elite" who control this planet. The reason for hiding it is obvious: if you knew this truth then you would know that Coral Castle, Giza, Alice Springs, etc., were Bloch Wall (bow ties) or Diamagnetic Vortex Points. Extraordinary things can be done at these diamagnetic bow tie reversal points, such as levitating extremely heavy objects (building Coral Castle and the Great Pyramid of Giza) and launching (secretly) the real, massive space ships and probes (as at Alice Springs, Australia, and Lop Nor, China, for example).

Official knowledge of the considerable utility of many magnetic-gravity anomaly points on the Grid has taken obvious precedence over any concerns for public safety. If the officials warned the fools in planes and boats to stay out of the Bermuda Triangle at certain times, then ordinary citizens would know too much of their secret knowledge. If you are in the wrong place on the wrong day in the Bermuda Triangle you will be a permanent piece of space junk some 20,000 to 75,000 miles out in space.

The Bermuda Triangle off the Florida coast, when active, is a powerful diamagnetic levitator. Usually the Earth contains the energy flow, but with extra stress from the Sun, Moon, and temperature factors, it ruptures upward and levitates anything over the "blow" points. Smaller ruptures will levitate anything under about 500 pounds - such as people - but not the ships they are on.

The magnetic energy flows encounter the Bloch Wall, or bow tie reversal, at these grid locations on Earth. Nature uses the exact same method in a small permanent bar magnet for magnetic polarity reversal. The Bloch Wall is just a great deal larger and much more powerful when operating on the Earth.

Didn't anyone ever wonder why there were no Bloch Wall effects on the mythical Equator? If all the Bloch walls for South to North magnetic polarity reversal were at the Equator, no one would have ever crossed it. That is why Nature designed the Criss-cross mesh reversal system for polarity reversal. And that is why there are Earth Grid points where the unusual diamagnetic systems exist. These points work extremely well, facilitating the construction of places like Coral Castle or the Great Pyramid or aiding the functions of secret space programs - which are all only large-scale versions of our Party Levitations, using natural Earth diamagnetism as a levitator force.

The principles of diamagnetism clearly explain the reasons behind the exact location of secret or publicly-known exploitations of magnetic-gravity anomalies on the Earth Grid. The "knot" top (north) on the "bow tie" magnetic reversal in a simple bar magnet reversal is the prime location to stage a major gravity-defying feat such as Coral Castle, the Great Pyramid, or an Alice Springs/Lop Nor space program (The Lop Nor desert is where the Chinese space program and nuclear testing is centered). The center area of the Bloch Wall (the bow tie's knot) is the steadiest and strongest magnetic (north) point, which is where Leedskalnin put Coral Castle, the Egyptians put the pyramids, somebody put the Easter Island statues, and where the governmental elites put the Alice Springs/Lop Nor sites.

The inventions and researches of the insightful Austrian scientist/naturalist Viktor Schauberger demonstrate the principles of diamagnetism on a small scale of polarity reversals operating in a simple bar magnet. His levitations are diamagnetic systems using water flows. Diamagnetism is the product (or effect) of a flow polarity reversal, like the Bloch Wall of the magnetic flow. Some waterfalls and streams have natural flows of diamagnetism or flow reversal effects. Schauberger simply built artificial water flows with internal powerful reversals in flow energy. These are simply a tubed version of a Bloch Wall system.

The Schauberger water levitators are all continuous type devices for anti-gravity effects. The trout fish, after which Schauberger named his water turbine, senses the coldest area in a waterfall for levitating up it. The waterfall's central spiralling cold flow is an anti-gravity effect area where the energy is driven out (reversed) to directionalized momentum as a natural anti-gravity system. A waterfall's center registers as a zero (or under) on a stressed gravity detector due to the reversed anti-gravity momentum. Schauberger copied this natural design of spiralling cold water flow for levitating system, in his logging flumes and turbines.

Schauberger's implosion turbines interrupted the water suction flow by a special shutoff valve, thus creating a reactive back-pressure force in the same direction as the implosion turbine. This reactive back-pressure force is the lifting (discharge cycle) or levitating action (directional momentum) of these types of devices. The Schauberger water turbines were used as the levitators in his versions of the German World War II Project V-7 Fighter aircraft.

Thus both Victor Schauberger and Edward Leedskalnin, the builder of Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, wrote about and demonstrated magnetism and the mechanism of levitation applying natural Earth Grid principles of diamagnetism. (Editor's Note: Refer to Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, by Olof Alexandersson, Turnstone Press Ltd., Wellingborough, England, 1982. Also: Magnetic Current, Edward Leedskalnin, Homestead, FL, 1946)

Leedskalnin had two secrets. First, he knew where, in terms of the Earth Grid, to build Coral Castle. Second, he knew how to do Party Levitation all alone. Try to figure that one out!

Leedskalnin could levitate huge pieces of coral by using the center of mass for the needed slight uplift launching pressure. In Party Levitation, the four outside levitators are lifting the center of mass from the outside edges. If three of the four levitators were to step back at the end of the count of ten hand-stack (charge cycle) and the one remaining levitator would then quickly bend down and reach under the chair to the center of mass and use only two fingers to push upward, then the center man in the chair will levitate. Leedskalnin used a stick or board to push upward at the exact center of mass of his coral slabs to levitate them.

Two of the humans (180 degrees apart) in the Party Levitation scenario are "seen" by Nature as diamagnetism sources. The four people are a small, temporary Earth grid point as far as Nature is concerned. Thus the Bloch Wall reversal effect, or diamagnetism, is created and thus levitation of the central area object results. Schauberger put the mechanism in water tubes and Leedskalnin played alone with his massive stones, but in either case, it is exactly the same process of diamagnetic levitation.

We must remember Leedskalnin was working on a Diamagnetic Earth Grid Point, so all mass objects in that area are always "charged" and easily lifted at their center of mass by a slight upward pushing pressure. Incidentally, due to the shifts in the north and south magnetic poles, Grid Point #18 is now inside Homestead Air Force Base; thus Coral Castle could no longer be built where it is now located.

Here are some additional comments on the subject of anti-gravity, or levitation. The reason for the weight of a mass in a gravitational field is the counter-push of the two masses gravity radiations. As humans we push more powerfully on the Earth via our stress body than the Earth pushes on us. The total of the two pushes of gravity is so-called weight. If we lose gravity (stress push) by radiating it, as in the Party Levitation central element (levitatee), we push less. As our push (gravity) decreases, the Earth s push-effectiveness on us increases. This is "weight loss" or levitation, which is really just letting the Earth push us away. It is not the total quantity of the masses that counts but the effective local gravity field s relative strength.

For example, in the fire hose there is a decrease in the gravity (push) of the water. Thus the Earth pushes the water away, or in other words, the "weight loss" carries further. The circular (quadropolar) pattern of the whirling fire hose nozzle radiates (relieves) some of the water s gravity (stress). It's important to note that Schauberger s designs are based on this kind of water stress (gravity) control.

Levitation (weight loss) control is generally stress lowering via radiation, using gravity's natural characteristics. It works on either organic or inorganic mass, as gravity is the same for both. Think of it as the resultant pushes of two radiating sources, taken locally (These are "near field" design problems). Humans are locally a more powerful source of gravity than the Earth because we push down on it. But as we lose gravity (stress push) power, the Earth pushes us away.

Here are two final observations in this regard. The forms of self-levitation or single operator induced human levitation appear to be hypnotic trance-state "shut downs" of the human body's gravity (stress) generation. Inorganic object levitation, if it is possible, is the "shut down" of the gravity (stress) generation of the object itself. Theoretically this object levitation is possible (as suggested by Coral Castle, pyramids, etc.).

A general theory of levitation systems must cover all of the various methods known to exist. This means there is a common factor among the diverse approaches of Earth Grid, Party Levitation, Dean Drives, Hooper/Over-Unity Electrical Generators, and Schauberger's devices. The common factor is the Zero-Spin Energy Transfer, or the flowing of the non-spin energy. This non-spin energy is a neutral center type of energy flow related to the Bloch Wall phenomena and is the cause of the various types of levitation.

In the Earth Grid Magnetic Reversal Points the straight-up, diamagnetic energy flow is a non-spin energy flow. This energy flow is exactly halfway between counter-clockwise (north) and clockwise (south) flow and therefore it has no spin. Thus the Bow-Tie Knot levitation energy is a non-spin energy flow. In Party Levitation the four levitators drain or temporarily stop the spin energy flow around the levitatee or the inanimate objects. Thus they create a very temporary non-spin energy center which easily levitates.

The Dean Drive type devices cross-cut or dump energy during the Critical Action Time that is, in fact, a non-spin energy. Mechanical as it is, the Dean Drive can generate directionalized momentum (non-spin energy flow) and therefore can be used as a levitator system.

The electromagnetic collapsing field reversals of Hooper or Over-Unity Generators, generate a non-spin energy flow for short periods during each Cycle of operation. Any energetic flow reversal generates some non-spin energy flow. Therefore, electrical coils reversals generate some non-spin energy flow and can be used as levitator devices.

Schauberger energetic water flow systems are reversed by valving, identical to the electrical coil systems. Therefore the Schauberger turbines generate some non-spin energy flow and can be used as levitators.

In a universe of basically spinning energy and particle systems, this non-spin energy has very powerful effects. The non-spin energy is the neutral center force field, belonging to neither side of a generally polarized universe. As such, it is reacted with and repelled very strongly by all energy and particle systems. By the generation of non-spin energy flows and the directional vectoring of these flows, we can design most powerful levitating devices.

If Nature follows rules, which She does, then all we need do is understand Her methods then apply them. Since diamagnetism is a reaction vector at the reversal point of an energetic flow system, all levitation methods must be similar in Nature.

Vortex-Gravity Research Areas Strategically Sited on Earth Grid Points

A most interesting pattern of vortex-gravity research exists in the United States and Canada. The pattern is a counter-clockwise vortex with four turning points or main centers/corners. The four main centers of vortex research are the extreme southern California area (San Diego and vicinity), northern Idaho (Coeur D'Alene area), northern New York State (Hudson River/Montreal area), and northern Georgia (See Diagram 11).

This box-shaped pattern bows both inward and outward as it widens in the North-South axis, which is made of the two-bowed continental coastlines and the major interior mountain ranges on each coast, with a center at Kansas City (Ellsworth). On the western vortex flow the bowing widens and follows the Pacific Ocean coastlines on one side and the Rocky Mountains on the other side going southward. On the eastern vortex flow the bowing widens and follows the Atlantic Ocean coastline on one side and the Catskill/Appalachian Mountains on the other side going northward. The east-west vortex flows are relatively straight and narrow between the coastal vortex flows, to complete the general description of the box shape. (Consult the Earth Grid maps below to see these patterns clearly)

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Coral Castle was built in the early 20th century by an eccentric Latvian recluse named Edward Leedskalnin who allegedly left Latvia when he was rejected by his 16 year old fiance. He would never marry and would spend 30 years of his life building a Coral Castle and its surrounding buildings, for his alleged 'Sweet Sixteen'. Leaving for America, he came down with terminal tuberculosis. He allegedly spontaneously healed, stating that magnets had some effect on his healing.



Leedskalnin was a 100 pound 5-foot tall man who wound up in Homestead, Florida on a ten-acre tract of land just south of Miami, Florida. Somehow he allegedly managed to single-handedly lift and maneuver blocks of megalithic stones, mostly coral, weighing up to 30 tons each, to create not only a castle but other things.

How Leedskalnin worked has never been discovered, though he labored for 30 years. The veracity of his doing this alone is impossible to prove because he worked at night, hidden from the eyes of observers. He seemed to know when he was being watched. On those occasions he wouldn't lifted the stones and stopped working.


Some suggest that he used a form of antigravity device to build the castle. Numerous designs have been suggested for this device, some using "harmonic sound waves", some using magnetism, and numerous other proposals.

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 The Earth's magnetic field is both expansive and complicated. It is generated by electric currents that are deep within the Earth and high above the surface. All of these currents contribute to the total geomagnetic field. In some ways, one can consider the Earth's magnetic field, measured at a particular instance and at a particular location, to be the superposition of symptoms of a myriad of physical processes occurring everywhere else in the world. The challenge is to untangle the rich information content of the magnetic field so that we can better understand our planet and the surrounding space environment in which it resides. Obviously, it would be a daunting task to try to summarize every single aspect of the subject of geomagnetism. Indeed, the necessity for brevity here means that our exposition will omit some relatively enormous details. Therefore, in this review for our website, we choose to concentrate on the specific phenomena that can be monitored............   Read full story

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The satellite perspective map seen here depicts the magnetic declination (degrees east). The dots represent the locations of USGS magnetic observatories. The stackplot of data depicted behind the globe is of the horizontal component of the magnetic field recorded at those observatories during the magnetic storm of 29-31 October 2003... Click here to see map

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When an electric current passes through a metal wire, a magnetic field forms around that wire (see diagram at right). Likewise, a wire passing through a magnetic field creates an electric current within the wire. This is the basic principle that allows electric motors and generators to operate.

In the Earth (see image below right), the liquid metal that makes up the outer core passes through a magnetic field, which causes an electric current to flow within the liquid metal. The electric current, in turn, creates its own magnetic field—one that is stronger than the field that created it in the first place. As liquid metal passes through the stronger field, more current flows, which increases the field still further. This self-sustaining loop is known as the geomagnetic dynamo.

Energy is needed to keep the dynamo running. This energy comes from the release of heat from the surface of the solid inner core. Although it may seem counterintuitive, material from the liquid outer core slowly "freezes" onto the inner core, releasing heat as it does so. (High pressures within the Earth cause material to freeze at high temperatures.) This heat drives convection cells within the liquid core, which keeps the liquid metal moving through the magnetic field.

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   If all the compasses in the world started pointing south rather than north, many people might think something very strange, very unusual, and possibly very dangerous was going on. Doomsayers would have a field day proclaiming the end is nigh, while more rational persons might head straight to scientists for an explanation.

Fortunately, those scientists in the know—paleomagnetists, to be exact—would have a ready answer. Such reversals in the Earth's magnetic field, they'd tell you, are, roughly speaking, as common as ice ages. That is, they're terrifically infrequent by human standards, but in geologic terms they happen all the time. As the time line at right shows, hundreds of times in our planet's history the polarity of the magnetic shield ensheathing the globe has gone from "normal," our current orientation to the north, to "reversed," and back again.

The Earth is not alone in this fickleness: The sun's magnetic shield appears to reverse its polarity approximately every 11 years. Even our Milky Way galaxy is magnetized, and experts say it probably reverses its polarity as well. Moreover, while a severe weakening or disappearance of the magnetic field would lay us open to harmful radiation from the sun, there's little evidence to date that "flips" per se inflict any lasting damage (see Impact on Animals).

It might sound as if scientists have all the answers regarding magnetic reversals. But actually they know very little about them. Basic questions haunt researchers: What physical processes within the Earth trigger reversals? Why do the durations and frequencies of both normal and reversed states seem random? Why is there such a disproportionately long normal period between about 121 and 83 million years ago? Why does the reversal rate, at least during the past 160 million years, appear to peak around 12 million years ago?

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Late on a January night in 1993 I found myself on a beach on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, kneeling in the sand beside a leatherback sea turtle. Like a giant mango with wings, the huge black turtle had hauled herself up the beach in great stentorian gasps of air and was laying her eggs in a pit she had laboriously scooped out with her hind flippers.

Knowing basic facts about her ecology and physiology, I was in awe. How her kind, the largest living reptiles, had been around for 120 million years. How she lived solely on jellyfish, a thing more water balloon than animal. How she could collapse her lungs and dive to depths that would cause you or me to implode. How she had traveled thousands of miles around the Pacific Ocean, only to return there to the very beach she was born on years before.

That navigational and homing ability astonished me more than any other. How did she navigate around a trackless wilderness larger than the world's total land area and find her way back to that same short ribbon of sand? One hypothesis was just starting to be floated in those days: that to aid their long-distance migrations leatherbacks and other sea turtles appear to use the Earth's magnetic field (see Figure 1).

When I learned recently that our planet's magnetic shield is rapidly weakening and may be ready to reverse its polarity, causing compasses to point south, I immediately wondered what that would mean for leatherbacks and the many other species that use the magnetic field to orient themselves and find their way around. Could they withstand a significant dwindling of the field's strength or even a reversal? Or might extinctions, perhaps mass extinctions, be in the offing?

Animal magnetism

One of the first concrete signs that animals can tap into the magnetic field was observed, as in many a great discovery in science, by chance. It was the fall of 1957, and Hans Fromme, a researcher at the Frankfurt Zoological Institute in Germany, noticed that several European robins he kept in a cage were becoming restless and were fluttering up into the southwestern part of the cage. Nothing unusual there: it was known that migrating birds in cages become edgy at that time of year, and European robins in Germany migrate southwestwards to Spain to overwinter.

What made it striking was that the birds were in a shuttered room. They could see neither visual landmarks, nor their fellow, non-captive robins, nor the sun or stars, which were known to serve them as navigational aids. Clearly they were acting on something invisible, and Fromme deduced it must be the Earth's magnetic field.

Numerous experiments undertaken by him and others since then have shown that many living things avail themselves of the magnetic field. Organisms as diverse as hamsters, salamanders, sparrows, rainbow trout, spiny lobsters, and bacteria all do it. "I would go so far as to say that it's nearly ubiquitous," says John Phillips, a behavioral biologist at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University who himself has detected this ability in everything from fruit flies to frogs. (There's no scientific evidence that humans have this "sixth sense," though curiously, our brains do contain magnetite, the mineral thought to aid other animals' brains in detecting the field.)

How do we know organisms have this ability? A standard method to test for it is to throw a magnetic curve ball, as it were, at experimental subjects. In an effort, for example, to determine if the blind mole rat, a subterranean rodent that builds a home of branching tunnels with no exits to the surface, can sense the magnetic field, Tali Kimchi and Joseph Terkel of Tel Aviv University built an eight-armed maze within a device in which they could alter the magnetic field. They then tested two groups of rats—one in the Earth's magnetic field and the other in a field shifted by 180°—to see whether they had directional druthers for siting their sleeping nests and food chambers. The first group showed a significant preference to build their beds and pantries in the southern part of the maze, while the second group opted for the northern sector.

So they can sense it, but can they use it like we do a compass, to orient themselves? In another experiment, Kimchi and Terkel trained 24 blind mole rats to reach a goal box at the end of a complex labyrinth. Then, when all had mastered the task, they had half the rats do it again under the natural field and half under a reversed field. Lo and behold, the latter rats' performance fell far short of that achieved by their magnetically unmanipulated fellows.

Undersea superhighways

Other animals take things a step further than the blind mole rat, using the magnetic field like we do the Global Positioning System, to determine their location on the surface of the Earth and using that to negotiate unseen pathways during migration.

Kenneth and Catherine Lohmann of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and their team have shown through many experiments that during their 8,000-mile migration around the Atlantic Ocean, young loggerhead sea turtles can detect not only the field's intensity but its inclination, the angle at which magnetic field lines intersect the Earth. The turtles use these two pieces of information, which vary at every point on the planet's surface, as navigational markers that help them advance along their migratory route (see Figure 2).

Sometimes this navigational ability can serve its practitioners only too well. A mystery long bedeviling marine biologists is why otherwise healthy whales beach themselves, often in large groups. In the early 1980s, a British biologist named Margaret Klinowska first noticed a correlation between where whale strandings tended to occur along the coasts of England and where magnetic lineations written into the seafloor intersect those coasts. (These lineations, or anomalies, are different from those produced by the main magnetic field.) Joe Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology and his colleagues later showed a similar association on the east coast of the U.S.

Whales, it seems, follow these magnetic lineations during migration (see Figure 3). "If that's your game plan, and you get off track, and you follow a sharp magnetic anomaly that curves and runs into the coast, bang, you end up on the beach," says Kirschvink. Because whales are very social, if the leader makes this mistake, so does its entire pod, hence the mass strandings.

Rising to the occasion

If whales can run into trouble when the field is reasonably strong, what might happen to them and other creatures that rely on it if the field becomes feeble or even flips? Hans Fromme had found in Frankfurt that when he placed his European robins into a steel chamber and reduced the strength of the ambient magnetic field by a third, the birds' flutterings were no longer directional. This suggested that the birds needed the magnetic field to be a certain intensity to be of use. But Fromme's.................

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