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February 2008

Hi Jay,
Thank you for your expectional customer service. You have definitely gone over and above to meet my needs here.
Please know that I will be certain to recommend Ace magnetics when my friends and colleagues see my terrific purchases. I'll readily tell them about the customer care as well.
If appropriate, please let me know who I might write to to express my accolades for your assistance.
You rock!
Warm Regards from Chicago,
Dianna B.

Posted by Jay Roberts at 07:03 PM | Permalink

The Sunday Times Newspaper on 26th February 2006, revealed that the NHS has for the very first time allowed magnetic therapy treatment devices to be prescribed by G.P's. At this moment in time, the devices they are able to prescribe are limited to the treatment of chronic leg ulcers. The magnets, that will be used, will speed up the ulcer's healing rate and encourage new cell and skin growth.

   A UK based clinical study completed in 2003 provided strong evidence that magnetic leg straps were more effective than traditional compression bandaging techniques and have been deemed buy the prescribing authority to be  more cost effective.

   As yet the NHS has not revealed any plans to widen the prescribing powers of GP's to allow them to incorporate other magnetic therapy devices into their mainstream treatments, but surely it will not be very long before we see magnetic therapy being used alongside conventional drugs therapies. Magnets have for many years now demonstrated to be equally and in many cases more effective than conventional pain killing drug therapies.

   It is blatantly obvious that there are numerous advantages to introducing chemical and drug free options along side existing treatments.....READ ON.......

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By Paul Whitington
Monday February 04 2008


What do Cleopatra, NASA astronauts, the golfer Christy O'Connor Jnr, and my best friend's dog have in common?

They all are, or have been, fans of magnetic therapy.

They are not alone. More than 150 million people worldwide use magnetic therapy to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and enhance well-being.

There are also those who claim it is all a placebo effect. Beyond hearing how Cleop-atra wore a magnet on her forehead to keep her beautiful, two stories got me curious.

Firstly, NASA research found that the reason why astronauts were returning to earth feeling ill and debilitated, was because they were suffering withdrawal symptoms from the earth's magnetosphere, which allows the blood to become oxygenated and to circulate freely.

Once static magnets were placed both within spacesuits and the spacecraft, the problem disappeared. READ ON............

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