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February 2010

Among the rare earths that would be most affected in a shortage is neodymium, the key component of an alloy used to make he high-power, lightweight magnets for electric motors of hybrid cars, such as the Prius,.....Click Here To Read More

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Charles Torre, professor of physics at Utah State University and a researcher in gravitational and mathematical physics, provides this answer:

Albert Einstein
Image: History of Mathematics
ALBERT EINSTEIN'S theories explain how magnetic and electromagnetic fields induce curvature in space-time.

Electric charges and magnets do indeed "distort space," but this happens on a couple of levels.

First, a word of background. According to the current best theory of gravitation, which is contained in Albert Einstein's famous general theory of relativity, a gravitational field represents a curvature of space-time, rather than a distortion of it. Anything that carries energy, momentum and stresses is a source of a gravitational field, that is, a curvature of space-time. Click Here to Read More......

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Hey Jay ,
Received the replacements you sent yesterday.
Once again , many thanks !
I have referred many of my friends to your site in the past.
I will make them aware of your integrity , how you stand behind your product.
Thanks again,
Rich M.
To Shop Click Here

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What you eat determines how stress affects your health. You can protect yourself from the damaging effects of cortisol, the main stress hormone, through The Adaptation Diet.

Reduce excess cortisol and:

  • Decrease the risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer
  • Drop the fat around the midsection and increase lean muscle mass
  • Lose weight and improve fitness
  • Improve the ability to adapt to emotional or situational stress

Learn to stop the hidden biochemical stress of elevated cortisol with the right eating habits and the use of cortisol-controlling foods and nutrients such as flaxseed powder, cold-water fish and specialized vitamins and botanicals.

The Adaptation Diet uniquely provides a blueprint to protect against the health damaging effects of stress. It takes you through a step-by-step guide to reduce inflammation, diminish the impact of food allergies, improve the detoxification process and identify if celiac disease or wheat intolerance is adding to your biochemical stress. It includes recipes, menus, and a straightforward plan for reducing cortisol, losing weight and slowing the aging process.

The Adaptation Diet is based in over 30 years of experience treating thousands of patients at the La Jolla Clinic of Integrative Medicine. Thoroughly researched and clinically proven, the Adaptation Diet is the path to healthy aging and optimum health.....Clck Here to Learn more

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