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Aug 16

Back to School, Back to Balance, With Magnetic Bracelets from!

As summer comes to a close, with the days getting shorter and Labor Day festivities on the nearing horizon, it is time for many among us to dust off those backpacks and get ready for another year or semester of school. There will be books to carry, papers to write, topics to research, and nights to stay awake trying to stay on top of it all. There will be lots of information mixed with lots of stress, and feeling out-of-sorts from the lots of ‘lots’ may seem inevitable. But things don’t have to be as they seem! There are steps you can take to tackle the stress and help bring yourself back to balance, and one of those steps is investing in a magnetic bracelet!


How will a magnetic bracelet help you keep calm and collected when your workload is ready to topple over? It can’t do it alone! Lifestyle in general plays a major role in how capable we are to handle all we must do while doing it well. Eating properly, drinking adequate water, exercising regularly, and getting as much sleep as we can all play huge roles in how we feel and how able we are to combat stress and feel energized and rejuvenated. However, as important as those things are – and they are very important! – many people turn to magnets as an additional tool in their ‘feel good’ arsenal.


At, we don’t make any over-the-top medical claims. We believe in the power of magnetic therapy, and have had countless customers who believe in it as well in our 15-year history, but we acknowledge that there are some people who don’t feel a difference when wearing magnetic bracelets. For others, myself included, there is an increased alertness and vitality. I have a little more pep in my step, find it easier to concentrate on the task at hand, and just feel generally better. So, I wear a magnetic bracelet every day! And I’m not alone. While magnetic bracelets may not make an impact on everyone who tries them, they do make a difference for many, and the more people that find benefit in magnetic bracelets, the more options there are available to choose from!


If you are in your teens or early twenties and want to add a magnetic bracelet to your back to school list, we recommend checking out our patented Rally Bands. These are easy and fun to wear, come in a wonderful range of colors (school colors, perhaps?), have 20 or 30 individual magnets per bracelet, depending upon the style you choose (3500 gauss per magnet!), and they’re completely waterproof and comfortable. These bring the same style as many of the cause bracelets you may already own, but are much lighter and stronger than most cause bracelets. They also come with a cause of their own – to help you feel better balanced and ready to bring your “A” Game. And we think that’s a pretty good cause!

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