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October 2011

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The opal is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful gems there is, but this stunning gem, like many others, is not free from superstitions! It has been said through the ages that it is bad luck to wear opal if you were not born in October, and that even then, it is bad luck to purchase it for yourself. So what is a superstitious October-born lady who loves opal jewelry but hasn’t been gifted any to do? She simply must wait for someone special to buy it for her. (Pssst…this is where you step in!)



Not sure where to begin? There are surely a great deal of gorgeous opal pieces to choose from. However, none so perfectly fuses the elegance of opal with the shining strength of Tungsten Carbide so well as our “Stepping Stones” Tungsten magnetic bracelet. This highly-polished bracelet brings a mirror finish that will ‘reflect’ how special she is to you, while bestowing upon her a piece of jewelry she can proudly wear for many years. Available in three sizes to fit almost any wrist, each bracelet has 7, 8 or 9 magnets embedded within, depending on the length you choose. Each of the powerful magnets packs 2300 gauss, and is a permanent laser point neodymium magnet that never needs recharging.



Comparable Tungsten Carbide magnetic bracelets sell for $225, but this exclusive is currently priced at just $75, making it an affordable, awe-inspiring gift she’ll love wearing every month of the year! This bracelet is oh-so-current without being trendy, blending a masculine edge in its weighty presence with a fiercely feminine edge in its inset opal bars. It is a modern design that effortlessly transitions from the workweek to the weekend without missing a beat!

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Tired of trying to decide between scented lotions, candles, socks and gift cards when the time comes to give a birthday or holiday gift? Fret not, gift-giver, there are other options. And our favorite of those options happens to be magnetic jewelry! is excited to offer the best selection of magnetic jewelry available, with stylish, high-quality options that suit everyone’s individual style. Not sure where to start? Here’s a few of our fashionable top picks for the different personalities on your list…

For the Fashion-Forward Ladies – Cameo Magnetic Necklace This fall is seeing a return to elegant, classic, ladylike fashion in a way we haven’t witnessed for years. Banana Republic is offering an oh-so-lovely collection inspired by TVs popular Mad Men, and women everywhere are doing their own back-to-school shopping for pencil skirts instead of pencils! This sway in style naturally carries over to accessories as well, and our Cameo magnetic necklace is a perfect complement to the finest 50s and 60s-inspired pieces.

For Your Golden Guy – Tungsten Magnetic Bracelet Have a special guy in your life that loves the look of gold? Our popular men’s Tungsten magnetic bracelet is 18K gold plated for a supreme shine that is eye-catching and impressive. With a polished, professional appearance that is work-appropriate, this fashionable favorite is also ready for the weekend. Its strength, durability and scratch-resistance will stand the test of time, as will its classic appeal.

For Sporty Guys and Gals – Magnetic Sports Bracelets If our fun and fresh Rally Bands look familiar, they just might be! These patented bracelets are among our most popular picks of all, and offer a comfortable fit and cool appeal that men and women of all ages love. Our “20 Series” Rally Bands are available for just $29.95, and our newer “30 Series” are priced at just $10 more. Choose from many transparent and opaque colors to find the one that matches their style best.

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