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November 2011

Generic ill health picture

HOLDING a little magnet over your body might seem to be a lot closer to medieval leeches than cutting edge healthcare.

But according to new research, the humble magnet could actually hold the key to fighting one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, and many other health complaints.

Often seen as the preserve of alternative healing or herbal medicine shops in the form of bracelets and pendants, medical magnets could be about to become a key part of oncology procedure.

A magnetic treatment for prostate cancer could change the way we treat the disease, with magnetised nanoparticles injected into the patient to help the body's immune system and white blood cells fight the cancer cells.

The new system, which would not be harmful to healthy cells, has been developed by researchers at Sheffield University, who think it could dramatically cut the annual 10,000 deaths from prostate cancer.

But it's also just the latest, and most hi-tech, use of magnets in medicine. Sales of magnetic wrist bands, in-soles and other devices are part .............Click Here To Read On.......

Posted by Jay Roberts at 12:12 AM | Permalink

At, we’ve been in the magnetic jewelry business a long time. In fact, if our website were a person, it would almost be old enough to drive! With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that our friends have asked us many questions over the years regarding magnetic jewelry, not the least often of which is, “What do you mean when you say something can help promote an overall sense of well being?” This question is both the easiest and the trickiest to answer, as the answer truly is at least slightly different for everyone! But…it is also largely the same for everyone. So we’re going to tackle that question here…



To understand how something might help promote an overall sense of well being, it helps to think of other things that also do just that, such as taking time to relax and breathe deeply, and ensuring your body has enough water to perform its many tasks. While we often specifically breathe deeply to calm ourselves, and drink water because we’re thirsty, in a more general way we are doing both because in a larger, ‘grand scheme’ sort of way they make us feel better, move better and function better. In other words, they promote an overall sense of well being!



While magnetic bracelets aren’t as important to our well being as air and water, the way they operate shares some similarities. Many people begin wearing magnetic jewelry for a specific reason, just like people breathe deeply to calm down and drink water to quench thirst. This reason may be that they hope to improve circulation, reduce arthritis pain or bring the natural energies of their body into balance so they can perform better daily or in sports.



There are myriad reasons people turn to magnetic jewelry, and some find a measure of relief while others may not notice a change from wearing it. But what we have heard time and again from many of our customers, whether magnetic jewelry aided them in their original quest or not, is that they have chosen to continue wearing it because they have a greater overall sense of well being. It’s not always something they can describe exactly, or even something they have tried to pinpoint, rather it is something akin to the way you feel on days that you ‘feel good.’ You can’t always figure out what feels different than it felt yesterday or the day before, you simply feel good that day and are glad for it!



Have you found that wearing magnetic jewelry gives you a greater sense of well being? We’d love to hear your story in the comments so we can share it with everyone!


Posted by Jay Roberts at 04:56 PM | Permalink